How to Best Utilise Your Display and Exhibition Stand for Different Events

If you are joining an exhibition or trade show, you probably know that having a well-designed exhibition stand is one of your most important considerations. A well-designed exhibition display stand can work wonders for your business, attracting more clients and cementing your brand into the consciousness of your audience. But exhibition display stands are an investment, and as an investment, it’s in your best interest to maximise their use. An exhibition or trade show can have a tremendously competitive atmosphere, and it’s your job to ensure that your company and its products and services are fully recognised and remembered. If you want to best utilise your display and exhibition stand for different events, here’s how to do it right.

  • Know your competitors

First off, you should know your competitors. This means doing research on them before you design your display stand. When you evaluate your competition and know what they are all about, you can make better decisions about the design and implementation of your own exhibition stand. Take the cue from large, multinational brands and corporations – they will have done their research and they will have made sure that their exhibition stands and displays are designed to beat the competition.

  • Choose a display which you can reuse

While you can always go for a one-time use exhibition stand or display, especially if you are on a budget, it would be better, in the long run, to go for an exhibition booth which you can reuse at various events. There are also other reasons to do this: if you go for an exhibition display stand which you can reuse, you don’t have to spend time designing another one every time you decide to join an event. You can save on your time, effort, and resources by reusing your display, and a good quality display can literally last for years. To be able to reuse your exhibition stand, avoid making use of content with dates or times; if you are offering something on a limited basis, you can simply use a sticker. This way, you can use your main exhibition display in several events or shows without having to do a reprint of the panels.

  • Keep it well-maintained

Another way through which you can utilise your exhibition booth is to make sure that you maintain it well. Keep the display stand as clean as possible and avoid storing it in an area with high humidity or moisture. Before taking out your display or stand at an event, make sure to clean it and repair any damage. Nothing gives a worse impression than a display that’s battered and dirty and all worn out.

  • Do a review

At the end of a year’s events, you can do a review of your performance and the performance of your competitors so that you know if your display has been a success. Make it a point to review each event and the data you have acquired at each event so that you can decide which shows or events are more profitable, and which are worth joining again. Also, when you review your competitors’ performance based on their displays, you can be inspired by it or, alternatively, know what kind of displays to avoid.

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