5 Ideas To Change Your Home Forever

An ideal house is one that will satisfy your needs and simplify your life. It might sound unbelievable, but it’s not. A perfect home is made up of some common elements that give satisfaction, and it doesn’t matter whether you are living in a small or a big house.

You may miss one or a few elements, but don’t freak out, very few houses could be considered to be perfect. However, if you have a chance to remodel your old house, you will definitely need some assistance.

Here are the five design ideas to change your home forever, which should be at the beginning of your list. And, of course, you will need the help of a contractor.

Design idea #1

The color is very crucial while designing your room. For instance, when you have certain things in the place, such as furniture, window plants, the fireplace center, decorations, and trays, the color of the room should be charcoal grey or deep blue.

Another important aspect is your seating arrangement. A couch or stadium seating will be the ideal one. Or, you could build seats into the walls. You can fold them down whenever guests arrive. When you made such things close to each other, it will be like a sofa.

You can decorate the seats with fabric on the lower side so that it can have an excellent visual when they are folded up.

You can even build a shelf that will slide onto the seats. Now you can place different items in them, such as books, decorations, or whatever that look appealing. Track lighting will make space look even livelier.

Design idea #2

If you have very little space in the bathroom, then probably the toilet will be closer to the shower or tub. Build a divider and decorate them with tile. Soon as you reach the point where there are no visuals, build shelves above them.

Ensure that the shelves will be able to hold and store shampoo, cosmetics, tissues, and other toiletries. While doing so, keep in mind that there should be shelves at the lowest height with sliding doors. This will be the space where you can keep your personal items.

Another storage just builds outside the bathroom will be an ideal place for holding the cleaning products. Attached to that door, you can install a small folding ironing board.

Design idea #3

The corners of any room are the area where no casual items could be placed. But, if you want an elegant look, never waste the edges. A corner is a perfect place for a foldable triangular desk. Install a thin metal or wooden shelf rack adjacent to it.

Place heavy objects such as printers or books on the bottom shelves. Make use of the middle shelves by keeping pens, printer paper, and a surge protector for using to plug in the smartphone, tablet, or laptop. And on the upper part, decorate with things that will make the rack more gorgeous.

Design idea #4

Purchase some plastic containers that are in low heights from the floor and wide apart. Learn the different ways of packing your clothes, quite similar to those when you are going for a cruise. All you need to do is to roll your pants and shirts, and store as much you like in those containers as possible.

Once you’re done, slide them under the couch, or make them stand behind the sofa. Alternatively, you can also buy storage cubes so that you can sit on it and store things, as well. Place the shoes in the top portion, and put blankets in the lower ones.

Design idea #5

Now it is the turn for the kitchen. Build a pantry in such a way that you can have everything on one spot, but away from each other.

The mini-microwave will lie on top of the mini-fridge. Put a couple of shelves for holding a toaster, single cup coffee maker, and a rack for holding the cooking utensils and silverware.

Build shelves out of wire for holding the spices on the inner door. Close the under part of the sink for storing food. Make a rack for holding pan and pots on a trolley with a rope to the ceiling. When they are washed and dried, place them on the rack and lower it for using them.


If you can design your home in such a beautiful way, it will express its real value. You will love it, and that will be the true definition of a perfect house.