Online since 2002 is now the No.1 place for homeowners to advertise real estate to overseas buyers. Find thousands of international property listings from cheap property abroad to multi-million Dollar mansions.

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Online since 1999! one of the first places in Europe to advertise European real estate globally. Today the granddaddy of property websites attracts thousands of buyers each day in search of real estate from all over Europe and beyond

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Walter Tull Campaign was created to help the campaign to have the first black British army officer awarded a military cross. Te

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Stitch & Simon

Stitch & Simon is a premium brand for those who love the great outdoors. Featured on Amazon it supplies quality clothing and equipment

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Nick Marr

Trinidigital founder Nick Marr has a passion for online businesses and has helped start-ups grow and existing businesses maximise their opportunities

Learn More is a digital marketing agency based in Berkshire near Reading in the UK. The online marketing company provides bespoke marketing packages to local businesses. The aim is to help local businesses become successful without the normal associated costs for full-service marketing agencies. Helping with Google Map optimization,

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Cheap Overseas Property

Created as part of keyword Search Engine Optimisation for terms relating to cheap property abroad this site features listting below £100K. It enables investors and buyers that want to home in on bargain property listings

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Since 1993


Trinidigital powers several online businesses and is itself a publisher. It also brings its expertise turning entrepreneurs' ideas into a reality.

Headed by Digital Entrepreneur Nick Marr Trinidigital brings together years of experience to help a new online business succeed. Ranging from real estate to e-commerce platforms Trinidigital can be an essential partner for Start-ups and existing businesses struggling to make their business pay.

Growth for our business comes from better customer experience with personalization, automation, and AI-powered technology, producing custom, conversational content – particularly audio and video content – to share with your better-targeted audience